How it All Began

Back in 2015, I was obese and in poor health. I had high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, arthritis, acid reflux, and was experiencing heart arrhythmia. As the doctor wrote out prescriptions, I decided I had enough of being sick and tired. My longing for weight loss and better health lead me to a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic way of eating. I was amazed at how well my body responded! I dropped pounds easily for the first time in my life. More importantly, all of my ailments completely disappeared. 


But there was a problem. The one indulgence I simply could not give up was ice cream! I was determined to figure out a way to continue eating ice cream, and remain in good health. 

My son Eric and I have spent the last two years perfecting our recipes for a premium and gourmet, while totally free of added sugars, ice cream suitable for our goals. In doing so, we discovered we could eat this ice cream regularly and continue to lose weight! We're both very happy to report tremendous positive body and life transformations through the keto diet! 

It's a huge belief of ours that a we need a sweet treat every once in a while to sustain any diet or lifestyle, so dabomb! was developed for this reason.

Of the commercially available ice creams on the market today labeled as "healthy", none of them fit the bill for the keto lifestyle. They are using questionable ingredients. The flavor leaves much to be desired and lacks the delicious richness and creaminess an ice cream lover craves.  

Working tirelessly with the help of experts in the field, we have crafted an ice cream with the perfect consistency, flavor profile, and macros to complement your ketogenic/Low-carb high-fat lifestyle. It is part of our mission to continue sourcing only premium, all-natural ingredients without the use of artificial sweeteners.


We are overly passionate about getting dabomb! to market to help others lose weight and improve their health. Our vision is to see dabomb! on supermarket shelves everywhere, readily available for all to enjoy. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming crowdfunding project, and we hope you are as excited as we are! 


Kim and Eric Geller




email: info@dabombicecream.com




Long Branch, 

New Jersey

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