Frequently asked questions

Q: What do you use to sweeten your ice cream if there is no sugar?

A: We use an all natural blend of sweeteners. Erythritol, xylitol from birch, and pure stevia.  

Q: Where can I buy this?

A: Click here for a map of all our locations. Alternatively, the stores we are in are listed below -

Nature's Corner Natural Market, Spring Lake, NJ

Dean's Natural Food Market Ocean, NJ

Dean's Natural Food Market Shrewsbury, NJ

Delicious Orchards Colts Neck, NJ

Q: Why is this different than the other Keto ice creams out there?

A:  We developed dabomb! to meet your Keto dietary needs, but we didn't stop there. We wanted it to be out-of-this-world delicious!

Our ice cream is crafted in small batches using fresh local cream. We source superior ingredients. ALWAYS all-natural and non-GMO. We never add fillers like water, whey protein or fibers, and our all-natural blend of sweeteners precisely mimics the taste of sugar. The result is ice cream that tastes like you remember as a child, REAL ice cream. Amazing taste is not an accident.

Q: I'm diabetic. Can I have your ice cream?

A: dabomb! is definitely a healthier option for diabetics, as compared with other ice creams that add sugar. From personal experience, our ice cream has not impacted blood glucose as it contains zero added sugar.*

*please consult with your doctor for any medical-related questions

Q: Where can I find your ingredients and nutritional information?

A: Click here for nutritional information

Q: Can I eat dabomb! if I'm not on a keto diet?

A: Yes, absolutely! There are many benefits to a low carbohydrate way of living, and even by making the switch from your usual ice cream choice to dabomb! you will be doing your body a huge favor!







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New Jersey

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